Alexander Ruderman

 Role: Associate Professor Email:

Research Specialities: PWM and Staircase Multilevel Converters Voltage and Current Quality (THD); Capacitor Natural Voltage Balancing in Multilevel Converters; PWM Induced Iron Core and Permanent Magnet Loss; Multiphase Switched Capacitor Converters with Balanced Switching 

Current Roles: Associate Professor

Education:  Ph.D. Electromechanical Engineering, Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, Leningrad, USSR, 1981 -1987, M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute, Leningrad, USSR, 1974-1980 (with Honors) 

IEEE/IET: Senior Member IEEE

Editorial/Review services: Editor of IET Power electronics

Recent Publications:

Thielemans S., Ruderman A., Reznikov B., Melkebeek J. (2012). Improved Natural Balancing with Modified Phase-Shifted PWM for Single-Leg Five-Level Flying-Capacitor Converters. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 27 (4), 1658-1667.

Ruderman A., Reznikov B., Busquets-Monge S. (2013). Asymptotic Time Domain Evaluation of a Multilevel Multiphase PWM Converter Voltage Quality. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 60 (5), 1999-2009.

Ruderman A. (2015). About Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion for Single- and Three-Phase Multilevel Inverters. IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 62 (3), 1548-1551.

Ruderman A. (2015). Discussion on “Effect of Multilevel Inverter Supply on Core Losses in Magnetic Materials and Electrical Machines”. IEEE Trans. Energy Conversion, 30 (4), 1804-1805.

Reznikov B., Srndovic M., Familiant Y., Grandi G., Ruderman A. (2016). Simple Time Averaging Current Quality Evaluation of a Single-Phase Multilevel PWM Inverter. IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 63 (6), 3605-3615.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Nazarbayev University