Aresh Dadlani

Assistant Professor in Compex Systems

Education: PhD from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology  

Selected Publications:

RO Afolabi, A Dadlani, K Kim, Multicast scheduling and resource allocation algorithms for OFDMA-based systems: A survey, IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 15 (1), 240-254 136 2013R Barzamini, M Shafiee, A Dadlani, Adaptive

R Barzamini, M Shafiee, A Dadlani, Adaptive generalized minimum variance congestion controller for dynamic TCP/AQM networks, Computer Communications 35 (2), 170-178 32 2012
Improved algorithms for leader election in distributed systems

A Dadlani, MS Kumar, S Murugan, K Kim, System dynamics of a refined epidemic model for infection propagation over complex networks, IEEE Systems Journal 10 (4), 1316-1325 6 2016

P Teymoori, A Dadlani, K Sohraby, K Kim, An optimal packet aggregation scheme in delay-constrained IEEE 802.11 n WLANs, Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing (WiCOM), 2012 8th ... 5 2012

A Rajabi, A Khonsari, A Dadlani, On modeling optical burst switching networks with fiber delay lines: A novel approach, Computer Communications 33 (2), 240-249 5 2010

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Nazarbayev University